India is Becoming the Pioneering Solar Energy Capacity Developer

India, country of 1.25 billion populations requires a lot of energy as the per capita energy consumption is still below the world standard. And among the available other energy source the solar energy is the best option in terms of its impact on the environment and along these lines; the country is running the biggest renewable energy capacity development program in the world. The legislature is intending to expand offer of clean vitality through huge push in renewable energy. There are several policy and other initiative have many taken by the government to boost the solar energy consumptions and the capacity development. The product manager at HVR Solar Panel manufacturer in Haryana told “

“Initially, in the year 2010, the UPA government has set the ambitious target of developing the 20,000 MW solar energy capacity developments but when the NDA government came into power that revised the target. The current government is now endeavoring hard to achieve its revised target of 100 GW by 2022. And the capacity generation of by the rooftop solar installation is the major contributor”.

The Solar Power is Cheaper than the Coal Powered Electricity:

Thanks to the extensive research and development activities by the commercial and governmental entities, the cost of the solar powered energies has been dropped dramatically up to the several times and in the recent months it has been plunged up to 30%. For the merging solar and wind power markets such as India and Chili the solar powered energy has gone down phenomenally.

“In the initial years when the tariff rate of the solar powered energy were to expansive but now the cost per unit of the solar energy have become around Rs 2.44. Such a tremendous available rate has now boosted the speed of solar installation, the EPS installation, street light installation powered by solar energy”, told the solar energy analyst at HVR solar Panel, Haryana, a leading MNRE Chanel partner in Sonipat, Haryana.

Solar Powered Home Appliances to Stay Eco Friendly

Due to the increasing trend of the rooftop solar panels and obviously the solar energy is a cost effective energy source, the home appliances such as inverter, lighting, fans, torch, radio, and other equipments are utilizing this renewable energy source. Going through all this arithmetic there is another tremendous advantage is the new job creations in the cities. Recently a new paper published the article about around 2000 new jobs have been created by the solar panel suppliers in Delhi NCR.