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Operational Feasibility Analysis

Availability of space for installation, Shading analysis Analysis of radiation data, environmental factors, roof material and roof life for Rooftop systems, Space availability for Balance of System, (BoS) components.

Capital Budgeting Analysis

Comparison of various system configurations that can be selected Financial Models showing the returns over the life of the project, ROI & IRR etc. We can facilitate and assist in Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) & Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) We can also support in Power Purchase Agreements(PPA)

Project Layouting

System Design & Engineering is performed based on the requirements of the client. Low cost, high – efficiency solar solution architecture is developed to achieve high yield and system performance. Components are selected from some of the top manufacturers around the globe.


Includes Procurement, Planning, Logistics and Supply of components Complete Installation and commissioning of the system.

Installation and Maintenance

We can provide remote monitoring tools, with which daily energy generation by the system can be very conveniently monitored on your personal devices. On-site visits and various activities related to Operation & Maintenance of the plant.

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