Polycrystalline Solar PV Module 200Wp-210Wp

HVR P048F16V200 / HVR P048F16V210 / HVR P072C12V200 / HVR P072C12V210 / HVR P072C24V200 / HVR P072C24V210


Why choose HVR Solar as your PV Module Parter?
Intensive R&D
Constant focus on increasing technological efficiency evaluation technologies to improve efficiency through poise of materials.
Highly Skilled Management
Our team is spearheaded by agile leaders, united by the aim of actively revolutionizing energy needs everywhere on earth. A balanced of young and experienced, dynamic and traditional, international and local, our team has a breadth of experience in global as well as Indian solar
Tier 1 Raw Material Used
Our products are designed to the highest standards of quality, reliability and performance. Our in-house research and development efforts help us in being ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving solar technology space. HVR Solar also conducts research study programmes with leading laboratories across the globe.
Highest Standards of Product
For Higher efficiency and better rates of return. Ideal for Utility scale projects.
Door-to-Door Supply Chain & Logistic
Flexible business models delivered as per customer needs.
Enhancing our safety management system, we are forging ahead to achieve our target of zero incidents.

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