The technical head of a solar energy research council at the MRRE Channel approved partner in Haryana, HVR Solar PVT LTD, told “as India is endowed with the best topographical range on the planet makes it rich in renewable energy sources and additionally stipends it to experiences 300 days of light in a year. There is great potential of getting the energy from the solar, wind, water and soil and other renewable energy sources. The year 2014 when the new government came into the powers, the target set for renewable energy capacity development from the renewable sources was 22 MW under the MNRE program named Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission later revised and the new target is 100 GW by the year 2022. It is a significant movement by the government of India and in the recent years, the state governments have shown the exceptional improvements”.

In more particular, the solar panel installation in Haryana is also getting the momentum due to the fact that the cost of per unit solar energy has drastically gone down. In addition, the rooftop solar installation is also getting the momentum. Thanks to the availability of solar powered home appliances such lighting bulbs, solar fans, solar fridge, solar powered street lights and so forth.

HVR Solar PVT LTD: The First MNRE Approved Chanel Partner in Sonipat, Haryana

HVR Solar being the first MNRE approved channel partner in Sonipat, Haryana has changed the solar energy market by its best in class creating solar panel installation and setup. The company offers the most remarkable, solid and easy to present solar installation system courses of action in the commercial houses, residential places as well as the street lighting installation and support services ensuring each and every person looking to stay green get fulfilled with this renewable energy source. In addition, with the reducing cost of the solar powered home essentialness things, buying of the solar powered gadgets and appliances has become cost effective and along these lines the manufacturing of the solar panels in Haryana has been dramatically boosted.

Some Cutting Edge Advantages of the Solar Energy

The solar powered home appliances offer the strong, eco friendly and direct super sun fueled solutions for user and that also in the cost effective manner. The capacity in collecting of solar energy is simply unmatched and supports the complete home power needs. Some other advantages of the HVR solar panel manufacturer in Haryana are:

  • Cost effective solar powered street lightning arrangements.
  • The uninterrupted and cost effective power supply for the commercial buildings and residential buildings.
  • Eco friendly and noise free power supply source and so forth.