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Solar Street Lights

Solar Street Lights People slowly realize that there is time when the oil world be used up since that oil market soaring.How ever ,the solar energy bacome that latest safe ,enviromental friendly energy that we industry and lighting industry. The solar energy would gradually become the main energy in industries even in our daily [...]

Home Lightning Systems

Home Lightning Systems HVR Solar home lighting System(HHLC) harnesses the sun's energy to light up your home and power your small appliances.With benefit that extend both to your wallet and to the envirnment, HVR Solar Home Lighting is not just a 'brilliant' idea; it is a 'responsible'one. Providing illumination powered from the sun's renewable [...]

Solar Table Lamp


MODEL-HVR-SI-108 PRODUCT NAME:TORCH+TABLE LAMP Reachargeable battery: 3.7V 1500mAH 12 Led for reading lamp, 3 led for flash light. Other features: Built in solar panel (5V 19mAH), FM Radio,Mobile chaeger, alarm or siren. CHARGER: Pc/ Solar/ Crank dynamo CHARGING TIME: 20 hr (solar) / 5hr(USB) OPERATING TIME : [...]